Good Morning
Good Morning

Cheap and hungry? You'll be out of luck on Continental

On Continental, if you're cheap and hungry, you'll now have to quiet those pangs by chewing ice.

Starting this month, the airline cut all free snacks from its economy beverage service. That means no more Smurf-size bags of pretzels, biscotti or other tide-us-over-till-arrival nibbles. Instead, the carrier will -- surprise! -- sell an assortment of sandwiches, muffins, salads and snack boxes.

Selection is based on flight length and availability. Among the snack choices on most flights at least 2 1/2 hours long: a mini-can of Pringles potato chips ($1.75), beef jerky ($3.95) and a "classic" box with trail mix, crackers, cheese spread and other munchies ($5.95). Details at The Washington Post

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