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Common tourist scams: Fake police, ID theft, pickpockets

Be wary if strangers suddenly interact with you.

Be wary if strangers suddenly interact with you. Photo Credit: iStock

Cabbies taking tourists for a ride via scenic routes ranks among the top seven travel scams, according to Here are the others.

BOGUS POLICE Thieves posing as cops accost travelers and ask to see their wallets. Before complying, make them take you to the police station.

ID THEFT This takes the form of ATMs stealing credit cards, cashiers taking photos of credit cards, or personal information getting stolen when using Wi-Fi in touristy spots. Use free Wi-Fi only from trustworthy sources and update credit card companies and banks about trips.

DISTRACTION THEFT Typical scenario: A thief asks for directions, while his partner steals valuables from luggage or wallets. Be wary if strangers suddenly interact with you.

PHONY PETITIONS Children pretend to be disabled and ask their marks to sign petitions and ask for donations. Never sign anything.

COUNTERFEIT MONEY To avoid getting fake bills, learn what the money should look and feel like in the country you’re visiting.

FAKE INTERNET BOOKINGS Thieves pose as travel agents offering free trips. Be suspicious of numbers that ring and ring or go directly to the company voicemail.

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