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Good Morning

Free in NYC this weekend

Ben & Jerry's is giving away free ice

Ben & Jerry's is giving away free ice creamin NYC. (Sept. 27, 2010) Credit: AP

Nothing beats the heat like a free drink -- and nothing beats free. Period. Here are some great freebies to grab this weekend in NYC.

Are you the gambling type? Here's a potential freebie at The Rink Bar in Rockefeller Center: Every day at noon, they'll be serving up their special spiked lemonade. The cool part is the price will go down as the temperature goes up. Starting at $12, the price will drop by $1 for every degree over 90 that registers on the thermometer. Right now, it's 103 degrees in area code 10020, where The Rink Bar is located, so that means if you were ordering right now, your bill would be free.

Still too hot for you? Chase the Ben & Jerry's Truck, which is giving out free ice cream again. Find out where it's headed next by following the truck on Twitter.

If you can bear to hang outdoors, the 5th annual New Village Music Festival will groove Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. The free show at Tompkins Square Park  will "highlight the importance of traditional music while promoting elements of new fusion music" and will be co-hosted by community leader and activist Chino Garcia. Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen!

Then Sunday, head to the Bronx for some surf, sun and live music during the Orchard Beach Summer Concert Series. Tipica 73 will be providing the entertainment, and Pelham Bay will provide the water. Just follow your ears to section 9 of the beach's lower pavilion.

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