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Good Afternoon

Getting even at the Hard Rock in Vegas

An aerial view of one of the pools

An aerial view of one of the pools at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Credit:

LAS VEGAS -- Here in America's playground, everyone likes to talk about the odds. But here's something no one tells you: At the Hard Rock Hotel, the evens are far better than the odds.

No, we're not talking about the sports book, craps table or splitting 5s against a 6 at the blackjack table.

We're talking about the hotel rooms. Even-numbered rooms face the pools, odd-numbered rooms face the streets and/or the always picturesque parking garages.

No one is condoning spending too much time in your hotel room while in Vegas. But if you look at palm trees, pools and human flesh (especially Sundays during their "Rehab" parties) while in you're room, that's far more enjoyable a wake-up call than seeing a garage.

So, when you next check in at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, request an even-numbered room. There's no difference in price. Just tell them you're very superstitious and you need a room number divisible by 2.

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