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Now you can update your status at 30,000 feet

Facebook login page. (Jan. 3, 2011)

Facebook login page. (Jan. 3, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Are you enamored with Facebook? You won't have to worry about whether absence really makes the heart grow fonder if you're flying on Valentine's Day -- or any day in February, because Gogo Inflight Internet, for which you'd ordinarily be charged a fee, has partnered with Alaska Airlines, American, AirTran,  Delta, United, US Airways and Virgin America to offer free in-flight Facebook access all month. 

Why the freebie? You know how in the movies (and in reality, I'd imagine) drug dealers always give up the first hit for free, knowing very well you'll get hooked and come back for more? Same principle. 

And don't get any ideas about letting your mousing finger wander during the promotion period: Visiting other websites will cost you the standard Gogo fee, which starts at $4.95. 

So, tell me: Would you connect to Facebook during the free promotion or do you relish the unplugged time flying affords? If you would connect, would you be willing to pay for Gogo access?

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