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Ten places to sleep with a ghost

Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. (

Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. ( photo) Photo Credit:

Just in time for Halloween, has come out with its annual roundup of inns believed to be haunted. The website's survey of innkeepers revealed that nearly 20% of inns in the U.S. (about 3,600) are haunted. The site also conducted a consumer survey that showed 20 % of travelers actually seek out a haunted inn for Halloween. So for those of you in that 20 % segment of the traveling population, here are some eerie places to sleep within driving distance of Long Island:

Captain Schoonmaker's B&B, High Falls, NY: Guests have reported tales of how a candle was lit, a light was turned on, or they heard footsteps when no one was there. In 1814, the 12-year-old son of the inn's namesake, a Revolutionary War hero, died and was buried outside the inn.

1871 House, New York City, NY: One guest recounted a vivid story about awakening to find a well-dressed man wearing a bowler hat standing at the end of her bed. Strangely, she was not afraid and requested that he leave her alone. He slowly got up and left out the door, never to return.

Inn at Herr Ridge, Gettysburg, PA: Odd occurrences regularly happen, including mysterious whispers, calling the names of the employees, plus cold spots, glasses and silverware flying off tables, even knives and forks falling blade or prongs first into the floor.

Mary-Penn B&B, Gettysburg, PA: A paranormal group recorded horse noises and voices in their basement, and from time to time guests have claimed to experience friendly spirits.

Harry Packer Mansion, Jim Thorpe, PA: While the owners explain it's not spooky inside, the facade of this pink mansion was used by Disney as a model for their haunted mansion. While there hasn't been any ghost activity reported here, it might be a fun destination for Disneyphiles.


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Inn at Jim Thorpe, Jim Thorpe, PA: Guests have caught unexplained shadows and orbs on digital cameras and one guest explained how the chair in his room turned upside down each time he tried to sleep. One guest even claimed that a ghost put his phone in the refrigerator.

Captain Grant's, Poquetanuck, CT
: Visitors to this historic 1754 inn are told when they arrive that if they hear the loud knock at the door, they can answer if they like, but nobody will be there. Those who stay at the Adelaide Room are sure to have some contact with the mysterious woman and her two children who once lived there, whether it is through the TV turning on and off or the shower curtain continuously falling down. One guest even had her ChapStick levitate out of her purse on a recent visit.

Deerfield Inn, Deerfield, MA: Flashing lights, knocks on doors when no one is there, moving books, and tables moved into the middle of the room are regular occurrences here. For ghost-seekers, much of this activity occurs in rooms 48, 43 and 41.

Birchwood Inn, Lenox, MA: Certifiably haunted, the ghosts here date back to 1800. One guest swears a cat sat on his feet the first night, then it changed into a beautiful female apparition the second night. Few rooms at the inn have gone without ghost sightings.

The Salem Inn, Salem, MA
: While spirits fly throughout this town, made famous by its Colonial witch trials and spellbound attractions, stay in room 17 and you might just meet a female ghost, known as the “former scorned lover.” Guests have experienced everything from images of the woman in the room to the sensation of her sitting on them, unable to get up out of bed.

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( photo / The Harry Packer Mansion in Jim thorpe, Pennsylvania, used as a model for Walt Disney's haunted mansion.)

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