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JetBlue helps you get time off with 'Getaways Granter'

A screen capture of the Facebook app from

A screen capture of the Facebook app from JetBlue Airways called "Getaways Granter." (Dec. 13, 2011) Credit: Handout

You've worked hard, you've saved up your days, and now you're ready for that long-deserved vacation. But every time you head for the boss’s office, the fear of rejection (or possibly worse) rises within. Does this situation sound familiar?

If so, perhaps you can enlist the online players who deliver musical moments for JetBlue Airways via the airline’s “Getaways Granter” Facebook app to assist you in getting the chief to let you get some relief.

First, you’ll need to be a member of Facebook so that the application can connect with your profile for its interactive performance. To get started, log in to your account and search for the “JetBlue Airways” page, and then click where it directs you to “Get started.”

A series of steps will follow Getaways Granter request to use your email address (a must to participate) and an OK to post various status messages, photos, videos and notes under your identity (which can be easily denied). Users can also pick whether all items posted by the granter are to be visible to the full public or solely to your friends.

Once these decisions are made, these steps appear:

Step 1 asks: “What kind of vacation do you want?”The options are “Island Hopping, “Outdoor Wrangling,” City Rocking” and Romantic Retreating.”

Step 2: “How Many Days Off Do you want?” In the drop down options, select both the amounts of days and whatever month you would like to take your time off.

Step 3: “Who are we serenading?” Here you’ll need to either find your boss on Facebook or -- if he or she has yet to make the jump to social media -- just enter your boss’s name. Then, click “Create vacation request,” and within seconds a video will open for you to double-check before sending. And, unless your manager is extra-grumpy, the clips that have been created are unlikely to upset anyone.

In relation to Step 1, the shorts will feature either a rock band, a country singer, a calypso set and a smooth R&B singer performing light hearted songs expressing your need for respite. (Your face will be imported from your profile photo and your boss’ name will be shown in various spots within the clips, all dragged in through Facebook.)

Finally, if you approve of the video, you can send it to your boss via email and also post it on your account wall for all to see. If it all works out, you’ll be getting some valuable days away from the grind while proving that there are indeed good reasons to use Facebook while at work.

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