If you’re planning to travel overseas in the near future, choosing the right airline shouldn’t just be a flight of fancy.

Fly on the wrong airline and your odds of a delay are as high as 55 percent; choose the right one and that number shrinks down to 11 percent. The aviation insights company FlightStats has put together its annual lists of the international airlines with the best and worst on-time performance records. The lists cap off the company’s year-round efforts to track delay and cancellation patterns for airlines across the globe. Here are the lists.

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THE BEST 1. KLM; 2. Iberia; 3. JAL; 4. Qatar Airways; 5. Austrian; 6. ANA; 7. Singapore Airlines; 8. Delta Air Lines; 9. TAM Linhas Aéreas; 10. Qantas

THE WORST 1. El Al; 2. Icelandair; 3. Air India; 4. Philippine Airlines; 5. Asiana Airlines; 6. China Eastern Airlines; 7. Hong Kong Airlines; 8. Air China; 9. Korean Air; 10. Hainan Airlines