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Las Vegas hotels favored by cheaters named in infidelity website survey

The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Steve Wynn,

The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Steve Wynn, the man who invited Siegfried & Roy on a Las Vegas stage and introduced the Strip to Cirque's acrobatics is set on presenting the one thing he says the entertainment capital has lacked: Broadway, in a way that can't be seen anywhere else. Credit: AP

And we always thought Sin City was the place to elope. According to a new survey, that thinking is practically provincial.

The website, which helps marrieds find people to cheat with, reports that 53 percent of members surveys have gone to Las Vegas for an adulterous tryst. Granted, the 7,680 folks surveyed is but a fraction of the nearly 16 million AshleyMadison members, but they do identify which hotels are favored for extramarital hookups. The Wynn tops with 24 percent, followed by the Palms Hotel (18), MGM Grand (13), Caesars Palace (12) and The Bellagio (9).

What, no Circus Circus? Well, actually, it's just the local cheaters who aren't creeped out by the casino's Clown TV: Vegas residents, the survey found, prefer Treasure Island, the Stratosphere and, yes, the family-focused Circus Circus. Certainly the names of those establishments are more affair-friendly.

The Vegas tourism industry counts on adulterers, founder and CEO Noel Biderman said on the site. "Many Las Vegas businesses make more than half of their profits off affair clientele – not just rooms, but lavish room service orders tend to accompany most steamy affairs – so they’re more than happy to turn the other cheek when guests check in under an alias with someone who isn’t their spouse.”

So it's settled. For our next Vegas jaunt, it's the Excalibur all the way. We can't imagine anyone cheating under the watchful eye of that casino's wizard mascot.

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