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New Lonely Planet book lists peak coffee experiences around the world

Useful information for finding a perfect cup percolates

Useful information for finding a perfect cup percolates aplenty in "Lonely Planet's Global Coffee Tour." Credit: Lonely Planet

It’s easy enough to find a dining guide for almost any place on the planet. Tracking down sublime cups of coffee, however, can be trickier. Lonely Planet has lovers of java in mind with their recent release, “Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour: A Taster’s Guide to the World’s Best Coffee Experiences” (Lonely Planet Food, $19.99). This handsome, 272-page book romps through some of the most unique and essential places to drink coffee in 37 countries, from the fresco-covered Caffè Florian in Venice (where Casanova was once a regular) to Tomoca Coffee roastery and cafe in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to an ivy-covered house in Sapporo, Japan, called Morihico. The book may be too heavy to cart on vacation, but cultural do’s and don’ts for each locale are worth perusing before you leave.

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