Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon
Parent: Edie Falco Children: Anderson and Macy When

Parent: Edie Falco

Children: Anderson and Macy

When actress Edie Falco was cast on The Sopranos, the show led to the fulfillment of career goals, but it wasn't until she became mother to Anderson, 4 ½, and Macy, 16 months, that her life's ambition came true. Looking to adoption after deciding to pursue motherhood, Falco welcomed Anderson as an infant. A year into raising Anderson, Falco "realized he needs a sibling and I want another kid. I started the process again. And you start with the diapers and formula and you're back at it again," she laughs. "The first time realizing I'm actually a mother is just huge. Even when I say it now all these years later it still comes over me like a wave. Huge!" Falco, 45, can next be seen in Showtime's "Nurse Jackie," premiering Monday night at 10:30 p.m. Credit: AP File

Edie Falco sightings: Some celebrities really ARE just like us.

Last Saturday morning, at a very upscale yard sale in Sagaponack, the owner told our spies, “Edie Falco just bought my china!” They spotted Falco this morning in Sag Harbor, trying to be invisible by waiting with her two kids on the back stairs in the parking lot of Java Coffee, while her husband got his morning Joe.

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