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Stay in shape while in the Hamptons

Stay fit and fabulous in the Hamptons this

Stay fit and fabulous in the Hamptons this summer with a variety of area exercise classes. Credit: iStock Photo

Heading east for the summer? You want to stay in shape while you're out there, no doubt. Here are four classes that will keep you in the great outdoors, whether you're into a demanding boot camp or a run along the roads of Quogue.


Sportime: 2571 Rte. 104, East Quogue, 631-653-6767,

Cost: $75 fee to get started; $10 weekly

Sportime, a full-service tennis, fitness and sports facility, offers 40 classes per week at its 15-acre site in East Quogue. One good bet for summer - particularly for those who haven't strictly kept to a fitness regimen all winter - is the Outdoor Running Club, which offers a 3-mile running route along local roads in Quogue.

The program draws on the expertise of nutritionists as well as trainers who evaluate new class members from beginners all the way up to advanced runners. It was designed, says Pam Morrison, membership director of the club, particularly to reach out to people who've thought about running but who have been afraid to start. "We want to offer people encouragement to try something new," she says.


Core Dynamics: 58 Deerfield Rd., Water Mill, 631-726-6049,

Cost: Members who drop in will pay $30; nonmembers $45. For a 3- to 4-week program, including 2 days a week, $150 per person

Core Dynamics will offer a Get Tough Boot Camp on June weekends, says owner Jim O'Hagan. The camp includes "cross-training, circuit training, jumping, push-ups, and medicine-ball training," he says. There's also TRX suspension training, which uses body-weight, and an obstacle course.


Hamptons Gym Corp: 395 County Rd. 39, Southampton (next to Hamptons Jitney); 1 Bay St., Sag Harbor; 631-725-0707,

Cost: $8-$30 per class, depending on whether you buy a package

The two locations of Hamptons Gym Corp offer an outdoor class called Crazy Ropes. According to owner Rich Decker, the class provides a full body cardio-muscular workout by whipping 80-foot ropes around in a snakelike motion.


Studio 89: 89 Clay Pit Rd., Sag Harbor, 631-899-4310,

Cost: $17-$40 per class, depending on whether you purchase a package

The summer TRX Suspension class takes place both outdoors and indoors although, says owner Rich Decker, indoors is something of a misnomer. (Once the two huge doors are opened, the outside comes indoors, making for an open-air gym.) The class works on suspension and gravity and there are 16 classes per week.

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