The East Hampton gallery scene attains even more glam this summer as Eric Firestone opens his new space with "Warhol: Dylan to Duchamp."

The focus of this large survey of images is a collection of 100 photos that have not been shown previously. They were shot by Bob Broder during Andy Warhol's Arizona desert filming of "Lonesome Cowboys" in 1968. (Warhol in cowboy hats!)

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Firestone, who also owns a gallery in Tuscon, has exhibited photos by such celeb-artists as Annie Leibovitz and Dennis Hopper, as well as the late Robert Mapplethorpe.

The Warhol show opens June 5 at 4 Newtown Lane. For further details visit or call 631-604-2386.

Warhol on the Arizona set of his 1968 film, "Lonesome Cowboys." (Photos by Bob Broder)