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More travelers take precautions against H1N1

Can a widespread virus keep travelers home? No, but a study finds fear of H1N1 has turned folks into germbusters.

The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a phone survey last month of more than 1,000 people who had traveled in the past year. More than half said that they would take more precautions against the flu than they had before. A whopping 81 percent who had ridden a train or a plane or had taken a cruise said they would sneeze into their elbows rather than into their hands on their next vacation; 64 percent said they'd taken such precautions on their last trip.

On the issue of hand sanitizer, 76 percent said they would pack a bottle in their carry-on, an increase from the 61 percent who had taken it on their last trip. The survey also found that planes were the most worrisome Petri dish for the virus (52 percent), while 20 percent were worried about H1N1 on buses, trains and cruise ships. And 49 percent said they would nip the problem in the arm and get a flu vaccine.

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