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New airline seating proposal unveiled

The new Skyrider 2.0 seat will allow airlines

The new Skyrider 2.0 seat will allow airlines to fit more passengers into the cabin. Photo Credit: TNS/Aviointeriors

For those in the economy section of an airplane, flying is already an experience that falls somewhere between tolerable and miserable on the comfort spectrum. And that experience is not likely to get much more comfortable if Aviointeriors Group has its way.

The Italy-based aerospace interior design company recently unveiled its latest seat design, named the Skyrider 2.0. According to the company website, “Its main feature is the original bottom that ensures an increased upright passenger position.” In other words, the new seats put passengers in a near-standing position.

The seats also result in reduced legroom. And that means the seat pitch — the space between one seat the next in front — is cut down to 23 inches. As The Boston Globe reported, by way of comparison, the seats on low-cost Spirit have a seat pitch of 28 inches.

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