I returned from Paris recently, and while I was there, I was struck by the love affair the French seem to be having with the Obamas. In fact, I saw more images of Barack and Michelle over there on any given day than I ever did in the States -- and given the media presence the power couple has over here,  that's saying a lot.

One thing that struck me as a bit odd, however, was the way in which the French pay homage to the president and first lady. This is one of many window displays in a home furnishings store in Le Marais section of Paris. That's wallpaper, above, and a throw pillow at the top of the page.


A throw pillow depicting Michelle Obama and wallpaper bearing the president's image on display in a home furnishing store window in the Marai section of Paris. Photo Credit: John Damiano

Not quite sure what the white leopard signifies, or why Mrs. Obama is so scantily clad, or what the phrase, "Don't stand in my light" means.

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Maybe something was lost in the translation.

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(Photos by John Damiano)