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Oversized games are big fun at Henry Ford Museum

At the Henry Ford Museum's "PLAY" exhibit in

At the Henry Ford Museum's "PLAY" exhibit in Dearborn, Michigan, there's a pool table surface with a set of nine giant billiard balls. By rolling individual balls, players create melodies, which can be matched up with other players� melodies to form complex compositions. By working together, players explore the �feeling� of being part of something greater than themselves. No credit Credit: None/

A new exhibit opening at Henry Ford Museum in Michigan gives visitors a chance to get into the game in a big way.

"PLAY" has just opened at the museum in Dearborn and is scheduled to run through Sept. 19. It offers the chance to play in oversized versions of games such as bowling, billiards, dice, backgammon, foosball and dominoes.

The exhibit's big-game sets are designed to help visitors explore friendship, collaboration and teamwork. They also integrate art, music, video and interactive technology to create an immersive experience.

Henry Ford Museum is part of The Henry Ford, a historical attraction that includes Greenfield Village. Admission is $15 ($11 for ages 5-12), details at

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