Packing for a cruise is not as easy as it once was. Gone are the days of bringing multiple suitcases weighing more than 50 pounds. Here are some packing tips.

  • If you’re flying to meet your ship, check with your airline to see what limits apply to you in regards to how many suitcases you can take and what weight restrictions are in place for each.
  • Fewer cruise lines expect formal wear than in the past, though some do. If you’d rather not bring suits and cocktail dresses, most brands offer casual dining options on the few evenings when formal is the designation.
  • If you are keen to bring the greatest variety of outfits possible, you can wear the same base formal clothing, for instance, while changing up the accessories such as ties, scarves and jewelry the next time.
  • Some cruise lines offer a special flat rate for stuffing a single laundry bag with clothes, which is a much better value than a la carte pricing.