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Physicians review site Vitals launches a mobile app

Vitals app

Vitals app Credit: Handout

This isn't the sexiest new app, but sometimes practicality trumps all. Especially when you're traveling and you need a doctor. has a new app that may help.

With a database of more than 870,000 physician profiles, Vitals claims to list every doctor and dentist in the country. The app, where users can save favorite providers and other personal information (including photos of those slippery health insurance cards) and connect with these doctors, isn't necessarily travel-focused, but it certainly could be useful when you're out of town.

Even if you don't give much weight to user reviews, which are also part of the site, you can get easy access to physicians' resume items (education, experience, specialties, etc.), with information pulled state medical boards, hospitals, doctors themselves and other sources.

I tend to find reader reviews in general more kooky than useful -- one Vitals user review of a past physician of mine criticizes how long it takes to get an appointment, which is like blaming your waiter for an entree being too spicy -- but some 2 million folks have rated their physicians so, theoretically, you'll get both ends of the spectrum. Beyond this virtual community, if the point is to locate a physician, you can use the free app both to find a doc in Delaware or a dentist in Detroit and schedule the appointment. 

Other features include maps (helping you actually find that doctor after you find him/her), a variety of search functions (by your illness, a doctor's gender) and tips.

Find the app at the Apple store:

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