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5 reasons to plan your family vacation now

Why wait? Research shows that travel improves your mood, and helps avoid work burnout, too.

Don't wait until your children are older, and

Don't wait until your children are older, and busy with school and teams, to plan that dream family vacation. Photo Credit: Alamy / Lina Moiseienko

Have you been putting off making plans for that week at the beach, the trip to the mountains or the often-discussed but never-scheduled dude ranch adventure? Time’s a wasting. Here are five reasons you should plan your vacation now.

1. The clock is ticking. Family life is hectic and it's difficult to carve out time to even plan a vacation, let alone take one. Yet before you know it, the kids will be busy with school or team responsibilities, summer jobs, college internships and eventually, families of their own. That means opportunities to get away together are likely to diminish even further. Why not flag a family vacation as a top priority?

2. Your boss and co-workers will thank you. Nearly eight in 10 managers say it’s helpful to know about employee vacation plans as early as the start of their company’s fiscal year. According to research, employees who discuss vacation time in advance, make it easier to plan fair and efficient staff or client coverage. Further, managers agree that an employee who takes time away is also taking active steps to avoid burnout. 

3. It’s about dollars and sense. Sure, budgets are tight. But a hefty bank account is no substitute for a memory bank brimming with great visuals of your kids building a sand castle with grandma, hiking in the mountains or climbing in the saddle for the first time. Allocate the dollars you can. Then be on the lookout for deals, promotions or creative low-cost options.

4. You’re more likely to be happy, healthy and a hero. Those who plan vacations are happier with their health and well-being, their financial picture, their personal relationships and even their overall mood, according to recent research. Whatever kind of trip you and your family choose, chances are you’ll return home with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to tackle the challenges of daily family life.

5. You'll have a better outcome. Sure, last minute deals are possible. But by planning today, you’ll be less likely to overpay for the last available hotel room and more likely to have greater choice when it comes to tour departures, the best cabins on a cruise ship and the vacation you want in popular resort areas. 


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