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Ryanair flight turns around after window tape comes loose

Oh, Ryanair, what are you up to now? First, there are reports you served a sandwich to a passenger who's having a heart attack and even charged him for it, then you  tell us you're removing toilets from your planes to make room for extra seats.

We thought we'd heard it all, but now there are reports you taped a window windscreen up and headed skyward enroute from London to Latvia. When the tape came loose soon into the flight, passengers reported hearing "alarming" noises coming from the cockpit.

What's worse is that passengers went quite awhile without an explanation. We'd all be scared, too. Is it the engine failing? Is it an act of terrorism? Window tape? OK, we'd never suspect window tape.

 "We were kept in the dark, and were terrified. I could see guys taping in the windscreen with what looked like duct tape or gaffer tape," passenger Anthony Neal told The Sun newspaper. "We were in the sky, then the pilot said due to damage on the windscreen, we were going to have to turn back."

We can't imagine the panic that must have ensued when passengers witnessed the crew re-taping things up. Somehow it doesn't give us a warm, fuzzy, safe feeling. And aren't there more high-tech solutions to fastening broken windscreens on airplanes than tape? Here's a photo of the ground crew inspecting the window tape.

The flight turned around and landed at London's Stansted airport without incident, and the Irish low-cost airline maintains there was never any danger. Still, we'd rather pay a few extra bucks to have unbroken windows and toilets on our flights. Just sayin'.


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