Travelers can now find their inner calm in the Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport.

The quiet, dimly lit studio has opened just past the security checkpoint at SFO's Terminal 2. Airport officials believe it is the world's first airport yoga studio, said spokesman Mike McCarron.

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The room, open to all ticketed passengers, contains a few chairs and yoga mats but no instructors or television sets. No shoes, food, drinks or cellphones are allowed.

"Silence is appreciated," says a sign spelling out "Yoga Room Etiquette." A prominent blue-and-white sign with a Buddha-like pictogram beckons visitors: "Come check out our Yoga Room."

In recent years, airports have upgraded their food and shopping venues and added massage parlors, nail salons, dry cleaners and pet hotels, said Debby McElroy, executive vice president of Airports Council International-North America. SFO airport managers spent $15,000 to $20,000 to turn the former 150-square-foot storage space into a yoga studio.