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Seeking "Lost" sites on the island of Oahu

When Oceanic Air Flight 815 crashes on a mysterious South Pacific island somewhere between Sydney and Los Angeles, the four dozen survivors who are "Lost" encounter a strange world that might be a fever dream, purgatory or just a highly addictive television series.

But finding the real world of Dr. Jack, Kate, Locke, Charlie, Sayid, Sun and all the others (including "The Others") doesn't take anything more than a rental car from the Honolulu airport and a map of the North Shore of Oahu.

Lost Virtual Tour (lostvirtual is the indispensable guide to finding the key spots from the show. It not only shows the locations, but also has screen grabs of key scenes from the show lined up with some photographs of what the place looks like in real life.

The grail for "Lost" fans is Mokule'ia Beach, also known as Army Beach, a thin strip of white sand with rock-strewn waters. It's here that the "Lost" plane crashed in the opening episode.

To keep the cast close by, sometimes Hawaii sites double as spots elsewhere in the world during flashback sequences. The Nigerian church visited by the character Eko is actually Keali'iokamalu Church. The connection: Both are tiny wood churches built by missionaries.

You can eat a bit of "Lost" at Macky's Shrimp Truck, a large white van with the crustacean painted on its side. It was featured as the "Sweet Shrimp" truck in one episode filmed in Kahuku, where Kamehemaha Highway turns from the North Shore to the Windward Shore.

You don't even have to leave Waikiki to see some familiar, if less atmospheric, spots from the show. The Royal Garden Hotel in Waikiki was transported in the show to Seoul, South Korea. But the hotel with the biggest "Lost" link is the venerable Ilikai. It's figured several times in flashbacks.

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