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Spirit Airlines plays with oil spill

Spirit Airlines'

Spirit Airlines' "Check out the oil on our beaches" promotion. Credit:

The new "Fuel Only Sale" going on over at Spirit Airlines is being promoted with a new ad campaign titled, "Check out the oil on our beaches."

The piece features a procession of oiled-up bathing beauties sunning themselves on beaches, lying next to visible SPF 50 bottles of sunscreen. At the end of the ad, the labels read, "SPF $50 coupon."

So, my question is, is the catastrophic environmental disaster  that's still being fought in the Gulf of Mexico and threatens the Atlantic coast fair game for fun poking?

The airline apparently has anticipated some backlach, because it already has issued a sorry-you-misunderstood statment, which contends the ad is meant to address the false perception that there is oil on Florida's beaches. "The only oil you’ll find when traveling to our beaches is suntan oil," the statement says.

So, what say you? See the ad for yourself and then chime in below in the comments section, but not before hearing Spirit's side of the story.





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