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The right forms for your child's overseas travel

Not all globe-trotters-in-training travel with Mom and Dad. If your child is traveling with a divorced parent, friend, grandparent or sitter, this site can prevent potential misunderstandings.

The site takes the guesswork out of international travel preparation with children. Whether your child is traveling with you, by himself, with a relative or even a teacher or coach, there's a form to fill out that can smooth the process. Buy an affidavit for $12.95 plus shipping, complete it and take it to a notary to validate your identity and signature. These forms package important contact numbers, medical information and emergency care into a neat and tidy document.

I've traveled internationally with my 1-year-old twice without her father, and have not encountered drama at customs. Still, it was difficult to tell which of the seemingly important documents on the Web site are required for travel versus those that are a good idea to have on hand. If in doubt, check the entry requirements for the foreign country you are traveling to at and with the embassy of the country you'll be visiting.


DESCRIPTION Traveling internationally with a child

TARGET AUDIENCE Those with children in tow

BOTTOM LINE A good site to check before you pack your bags

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