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Tips for taking vacations with kids

Starting at age 2, children pay adult fares

Starting at age 2, children pay adult fares for travel. Photo Credit: iStock

It may not be easy, but new parents can still find ways to fit in a vacation. Here’s some advice on how to do it.

  • Budget with discipline. Allocate more money to travel and less to other things such as clothes, cars or furniture.
  • Plan ahead. Take a car seat and stroller (airlines stow them for free). Bring extra snacks, a change of clothes, water, formula and food for the flight. Pack a first-aid kit and learn the locations of doctors, trauma centers and hospitals in the area you’ll be visiting.
  • International travel is cheapest for children under 2. Starting on their second birthday, they pay adult fares.
  • Try to have a kitchen. Whether it’s a rental house, condo or extended-stay hotel, a kitchen makes a difference when traveling with children, especially for preparing formula and food.

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