Staying healthy while traveling starts before you get to your destination. Here are some preventive measures you can take.

  • Check your immunization status when it comes to tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis, rubella and mumps. Older adults should have the flu and pneumonia vaccinations.
  • Make sure your medical insurance is up to date and covers you for emergencies abroad.
  • Do your homework before booking a cruise. Visit the Center for Disease Control’s website ( to make sure your ship meets sanitation standards.
  • Wash your hands. It’s the No. 1 way to prevent the transmission of germs.
  • Order meals from reputable places to avoid stomach ailments. In underdeveloped countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, avoid salads, uncooked vegetables and unpasteurized milk. Only order food that has been cooked and is still hot. Only eat fruit that has been peeled by you. Do not eat undercooked or raw meat, fish or shellfish.