Every day, travel agents recommend to their clients a variety of destinations that they believe would be a perfect vacation fit. Here are five highly underrated spots the experts recommend.

1. ECUADOR Pam Walker, an affiliate of Travel Experts, Walker Adventures, recommends that her clients visit this South American nation for its greenery, beauty and surprises. “From the Andes Mountains to the beaches, this country has it all,” she said.

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2. ARGENTINA The land of the pampas is at the top of the list of underrated destinations for Trish Mercer of Georgia Travel Experts, an affiliate of Travel Experts. “Since it does not have any one big attraction, there is nothing like Machu Picchu or a volcano to attract guests,” she said. Worth a visit is the resort town of Ushuaia on the southernmost tip of South America. “It is full of amazing sights, interesting wildlife and gorgeous scenery,” she said.

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3. MONTENEGRO Theresa Jackson of Travel Experts, Enlightened Journeys Travel, wants tourists to discover this tiny nation that had been part of Yugoslavia. “This is a mountain and sea destination that has great cultural diversity because of its position between the East and the West,” she said. In addition to stunning architecture, she added, “the people are friendly and the food and wine are divine.”

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4. CANADA Alex Dalton, an affiliate of Travel Experts, said that there is suddenly an emerging interest in Canada. “The issues in Europe have made Americans wary of popping across the Atlantic. Canada has a lot to offer anyone who wants that European feel without the hassle of flying across the ocean,” he said, “plus the exchange rate is a great value for the U.S. consumer.”

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5. CUBA Now that its doors are open to travelers, Jill Petrowsky of Travel Advisor says, more travelers should flock to Cuba. “People should visit Cuba — and fast,” she said. “Before it starts changing and becoming more commercial. Now you can see it how it actually is. It’s an amazing experience.”

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