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Traveling with pets: Dog-friendly parks, trails, more

Plan ahead when traveling with your dog.

Plan ahead when traveling with your dog. Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Jacques Demarthon

If your four-legged best friend is also your traveling companion, here are some ways to make a road trip more enjoyable for Rover.

Incorporating opportunities for exercise is essential. It will let your pet work off the extra road-trip calories and expend some pent-up energy. Most towns have running, hiking and walking paths either within the city limits or just outside. If there is time, hitting the trails with your pooch will reduce stress and keep you both fresh for the drive.

Planning ahead to incorporate time at a dog park is ideal when you can make it happen. You can also seek out available dog day care opportunities, which let your pet have necessary time with a peer group.

Similarly, stopping for coffee at places with outside patio seating and Internet access lets you caffeinate and communicate while your pet gets some attention from fellow travelers.

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