Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Two airfare sales ending at midnight

In this environment of high-and-ever-rising airfares, it's heartening to see Southwest and Virgin offering some pretty impressive fares  -- some as low as $29. As luck would have it, none of those super-low fares are from New York, but you still can catch a break considering what fares have risen to in recent weeks. Just don't compare to prices you were used to seeing last year at this time; those are history. 

Today's Southwest Click-n-Save: 3 Days of Deals promotion is offering flights from New York for as low as $74 (that's to Baltimore); $179 will get you to West Palm Beach or Tampa Bay, which is probably where you really want to go, and it's not as much of a deal, unfortunately. That same fare will get you to Austin, Houston or Minneapolis/St. Paul, which is better, considering the distance.

Too, Virgin America is having a sale, and they'll fly you all the way to San Francisco, Las Vegas or Los Angeles for $149, but you have to travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. 

Naturally, taxes and restrictions apply, all of which you can view here:

Southwest Click-n-Save SaleVirgin America Spring Upward Sale

The coach will turn back into a pumpkin at midnight, so be sure to click you mouse before then.


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