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Unique wedding gift idea: Chipping in for the honeymoon

A couple sunbathes on a beach in Turks

A couple sunbathes on a beach in Turks & Caicos. Photo Credit: iStock Photo

In 2012, it’s a safe assumption that couples soon to be wed have probably taken more than just a peek at the “mystique” once afforded by the traditional honeymoon. While decades ago these "Just Married!” journeys were designed to get the happy couple better, er, acquainted, today the trips taken by the newly betrothed are more about a romantic break taken before partners return to their various jobs, finish moving all the stuff into one home and other doldrums that are part of life – single or married.

So what would make that passionate vacation for two even dreamier? How about having your friends and family pay for it? On the other hand, if you’re attending the wedding and want to make sure the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. do exactly as you would like – and do what you’re willing to pay for -- make sure to get the twosome to register at before they end up making plans themselves – or worse, accidentally get stuck being spontaneous and impulsive.

The website planning does afford the pair a break on h-moon spending. Once engaged, the couple signs up, and creates a registry – first by setting their destination, then listing all the meals, activities and other honeymoon accoutrements they would like paid for. In this way, you don’t need to count on the couple staying together forever by giving a wedding gift they might cherish forever (or haggle over should a divorce occur).

At the get-go, the entire itinerary is put together by the registrants. For example, if the bride and groom are planning to take a trip involving airfare, hotel and transportation, requests for gifts of various dollar amounts can be requested, with total fees covered by a combination of donations (example: a rental car’s price would be met with a set count of gifts in a dollar amount from a certain amount of givers, like 10 requests of $20).

The upside? Let’s say the registered recipients of your gift want to do something special for their honeymoon, like rent a luxury car or go golfing – if you and enough other people pick those particulars to put some money toward, it will be covered.

The downside? Let’s say you were hoping to avoid paying for things like luxury car rentals and golfing on your honeymoon but none of your present-presenters puts anything toward those. In that case … you’re paying.

In the end, if you would rather have your wedding guests pony up toward your post-wedding getaway than give you the usual embroidered this or engraved that, perhaps this is the way to go. Just know that there’s no guarantee what gets paid for.

Then again, many people receive cash as wedding presents – and who wants to be saddled with all that spend-it-how-you-want-to extra money anyhow?


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