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UPS now shipping baggage for travelers

UPS, the world's largest package delivery service, is selling specially designed boxes that resemble suitcases. Passengers can ship the "luggage boxes" to their destination to avoid the hassle and expense of lugging a suitcase through an airport.


The new UPS boxes are reusable and include carrying handles. The boxes come in two sizes - small ($12.95, holds up to 55 pounds) and large ($17.65, up to 85 pounds).

"It's meant to be a convenience," said UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg. She conceded that airlines can usually deliver luggage faster than UPS but said the UPS shipments can cost $30 to $80 less for a package than airline baggage check-in fees, depending on the route and the weight of the box. Shipping costs vary by weight and turnaround time.

Sending a 40-pound luggage box from Long Island to Orlando using standard ground service would cost $31.42 for delivery three days later. Rosenberg noted another advantage to the UPS luggage box: A tracking number lets passengers know its exact location. That's something airlines don't offer.

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