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Vietnamese airline fined for in-flight bikini dance show

In this photo taken Aug. 3, 2012 and

In this photo taken Aug. 3, 2012 and released by Vietjet Air, young women dance for passengers aboard a Vietjet Air flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, Vietnam. State-run media reported Vietnam's Civil Aviation Administration fined the airline 20 million dong (US$960) for staging a three-minute show by women in bikini without receiving official approval. (AP Photo/Vietjet Air) Credit: AP

VietJetAir decided its inaugural flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang should be something special. For most travelers, that might mean an extra pack of peanuts, perhaps a heavier-than-normal pour of orange juice. For VietJet flyers, special translated to a bikini-clad dance performance.

Unfortunately for the new airline, Vietnam's Civil Aviation Administration lobbed a fine for the in-cabin show, The Associated Press reports, of 20 million dong, or $960, for failing to get it approved. Peanuts to an airline, perhaps, but that's $220 per minute of a techno-backed, hip-shaking routine this particular traveler would have quite enjoyed. As it's hardly a world of smiling Pan Am flight attendants anymore, we tourists put up with a lot, what with mentally taxed pilots (JetBlue), needles in cuisine (Delta) and the ever-present threat of a Kevin Smith boarding (Southwest).

A hippy-shake-shake from local beauty queens, clad in red bikini tops -- and handing out teddy bears, the AP notes -- could be what we all need. Dance on, Vietjet!

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