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Volcano threatens travel to Europe all summer long

You can't expect a plane to fly though

You can't expect a plane to fly though this, can you? Credit: AP

It's been a month now, and Eyjafjallajokul is still at it. The icelandic volcano, which has been spewing ash throughout northern Europe, is responsible for flight disruptions that grounded an estimated 10 million travelers worldwide. And the end doesn't appear to be anywhere in sight.

Geologists and air-control authorites say travelers should be prepared indefinitely for last-minute cancellations as ash clouds continue to shift with the winds, according to a report Friday morning by The Associated Press.

The ash clouds, which affect travel because they can clog jet engines, forced most of northern Europe to cancel every flight into and out of the region between April 15 and 20, and hundreds of intermittant delays and detours since then.

Planning a trip to Europe this summer? If you're set on going, you probably should consider purchasing flight insurance. But check out the policy thoroughly and read all the fine print: Only some insurers are covering the delays, and many of those aren't offering reimbursements for all the costs you might incur, like hotel stays or other delay-imposed expenses. It is, after all, an "act of God" in insurance-speak.

And if you'd like to be able to verbalize your frustration at the volcano, it's pronounced ay-yah-FYAH-lah-yer-kuhl. Shout it with me now . . .

You can't expect a plane to fly though this, can you? (May 11, 2010)

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