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Web Sightings: Cheap to swanky on WebSavvy

Do yourself a favor and save time scouring the Web for flight and hotel packages. WaySavvy searches the Internet for the best flight and hotel deals based on your departure point, destination and dates. Then, it displays three options: WaySavvy's choice, the cheapest choice and the swankiest choice.

The site speeds up booking by reducing distractions. Instead of seeing page after page of hotel choices, ratings, photos and more, you see a limited selection. Then, if you want to see more hotel options and amenities, search with advanced options or click on "change hotel/flight" and see more choices.

We like using this website as a pricing guide.

But choose your search terms carefully. We knew we'd done something wrong when we got only a few airport hotels in our search results for "San Francisco International Airport." Changing the destination search term to "San Francisco" helped broaden the results.

DESCRIPTION Finds well-priced flight, hotel packages

TARGET AUDIENCE Travelers bothered by distractions

BOTTOM LINE Good pricing guide

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