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Who's the mystery JetBlue guy with the bag?

JetBlue flight attendant Steven B. Slater is arrested

JetBlue flight attendant Steven B. Slater is arrested in Queens. (Aug. 9, 2010) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

UPDATE: The passenger reportedly was a she, not a he, and Slater was hit with the overhead compartment door, not a bag, as origionally noted below.

Seems everyone this morning is talking about the incident at Kennedy airport yesterday, during which a flight attendant spewed a slew of obscenities over the PA system, grabbed some beer from the galley and then made a dramatic exit down a slide at the emergency exit.

Here's the backstory, as I know it: The plane landed but had not yet taxied to the gate when a passenger rose from his seat, opened the overhead compartment and tried to retrieve his luggage. Flight attendant Steven Slater, 39, of Belle Harbor, asked the passenger to return to his seat. I don't know anything about the back-and-forth that ensued, but reportedly, the passenger refused to sit down and eventually the situation devolved to where the passenger hit Slater in the head with his suitcase. That's when Slater lost it.

We know that Slater, who reportedly has been a flight attendant for 28 years, was arrested and probably can kiss his career goodbye. But what we don't know is anything about the passenger that pushed him over the edge.

We want to hear his side of the story. Do you know him? Are YOU him? Were you on the flight? Talk to me.

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