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You'll pay more for an overweight bag on Spirit

Remember when a pound of coffee suddenly became 13 ounces, but they didn't raise the price? They thought we wouldn't notice, and even though we did, we really didn't have a choice but to keep buying it. At least with airlines you have a choice, but it's still a sneaky thing to do.

Spirit Airlines is charging the same fees for checked overweight bags, but "overweight" is now defined as 41 pounds, not 50.

For bags weighing 41-50 pounds, you'll have to pony up an extra $25, a 51-70-pounder will set you back $50, and if your suitcase weighs 71-99 pounds, you'll have to fork over a Benjamin. And that's all in addition to the checked baggage fee of $28 or $38 domestic for your first bag and $33 or $43 international (the first fee applies if you make arrangements over the phone or online; the second applies if you do so at the airport).


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