A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (again!)

(Credit: Urbanite)

Did you know "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" in believed to have been based on the hipster-infrested neighborhood we now call Wiliamsburg?

Well, anyway .. it was .. and a new tree is set to start growing in Brooklyn today.

In honor of author Betty Smith's beloved novel about a poor young Brooklyn girl who works hard and makes good, the city's parks department will today - in honor of the book's 65th anniversary - plant a serviceberry tree outside the Brooklyn Public Library branch believed to be the inspiration behind the 1943 story, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."

Click here for directions to the Leonard Branch, located at 81 Devoe St. at Leonard St. near Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg.

Smith was a Brooklyn-born gal herself and her daughter is slated to speak at the tree-planting ceremony at the Leonard Branch. Smith died in 1972.

-- Lauren Johnston

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