The Dish: Jahn's in Jackson Heights

(Credit: Urbanite)

You may not realize it when you stroll by, but Jahn's restaurant on 37th Avenue is something of a landmark, in a loose sense of the word. It's the last of what was once a popular chain of ice-cream shops that could be found around the city, and even down in Florida.

If you're still mourning the unexpected loss of the Jahn's in Richmond Hill, consider a visit to the Jackson Heights locale. Of course, it lacks the old-fashioned ice-cream parlor charms of the vanished Richmond Hill locale, and nothing can replace that, or its rich history, traceable to John Jahn himself, who founded the first Jahn's in the Bronx.

But the Jackson Heights spot still has plenty of old-school vibe, and the diner staples you would expect, as the photos below demonstrate.

Later this summer, Urbanite will post a photo essay on the Richmond Hall branch, from our final visit their on a muggy day in the summer of 2006. Yes, we consumed the Kitchen Sink Sundae!

-- Rolando Pujol

The awning proudly displays the Jahn's logo ...

but beneath lurks gold in the old plastic sign. Our vote? Lose the awning.

The menu is the closest you'll find to the 19th century ice-cream parlor vibe that was beautifully intact at the Richmond Hill location. More interior shots of the Jackson Heights shop are after the jump.

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