The most well-photographed dog in Brooklyn


Every good downzone needs a good mascot. Looks like the residents of Carrol Gardens now have theirs. Today they held a spirited rally in the rain with their city councilman,


Bill DiBlasio, calling on the city to downzone their neighborhood so rapacious developers don't etc. etc.

Except that the Dept. of City Planning announced prior to the rally that they agreed, and were beginning the study of how to limit heights and density in the neighborhood. Still, how often do you go to a rally and see someone holding a sign that says, CONTEXTUAL REZONING NOW!!!"

Also, of interest: Gary Reilly of the local neighborhood association told the assembled throng, "We want to prevent Carroll Gardens from becoming the next Williamsburg."

We frankly think there is little chance of that.

-- David Freedlander

Tags: carrol gardens , development , brooklyn , real estate , endangered nyc

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