Howe Caverns is a big, naturally formed rock exhibit in upstate New York. I visited there last summer and thought it was just amazing.

Although the limestone rocks look fake (like plastic), they are not. It has lots of cool things, like the stream.

The person who discovered Howe Caverns was Lester Howe. Howe Caverns also offers boat rides in the caverns.

It is just the best place to visit, and you are so far underground . . . 156 feet!

The boats that take you on the tours do not have motors. It's hard to believe there is so much going on deep underground. It is also very cold down in the cavern.

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There are a lot of activities in the summer, like the H2O ball. They also have a gift store with lots of things: sweatshirts, coffee mugs and cold beverage glasses.

If you go, and I hope you do, bring a coat.

Before you go, check their Web page: