Have you ever heard of the NFL? When you hear NFL, do you think of National Football League? Well, in my school we think NFL stands for Never Finished Learning.

In our school, the fifth grade gets a packet called the NFL packet. The NFL packet is a great way to challenge the fifth-graders' minds and our research skills.

The NFL packet has five sections: Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Math and Humanities. In each section, there are 15 to 20 questions. We get to choose any question we want to answer and research the answer using the Internet, books, encyclopedias and practically anything else.

If the question is answered correctly, it will be noted on our NFL scorecard. The more questions you answer, spell and explain correctly, the more stars you get.

This is a very fun and exciting learning program. It challenges you, but without pressure.

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You will research things that you probably never knew before, and it is just plain exhilarating.

In my opinion, I think your school should do this, too. It'll make you smarter and faster and actually lets you have fun while you're doing extra work.