BRIDGEPORT - A woman has been arrested for allegedly using a brick in an attempt to attack the owner of a Bridgeport store.

Police say they arrested 31-year-old Terri Polchies, of Bridgeport, following an incident inside Layla's Market on Fairfield Avenue.

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Layla's is the same store where a man was shot and killed one year ago. Owner Sha Dider then had bulletproof glass put in, which stopped the brick thrown by the woman.

They say she also tried to tear the store apart, causing extensive damage. Surveillance footage shows a suspect throwing a pot of hot coffee against the security window.

Police say they arrested Polchies after she walked out of the store and got into a fight with a passerby. According to Dider, the incident began when Polchies got irate because she felt he was too slow giving her change.

Authorities say Polchies is facing a variety of charges and is free on $1,000 bail.