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Friend's Facebook posts are political

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Ask Amy Amy Dickinson, Ask Amy

Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist. ...

DEAR AMY: Isn't it rude for a person who vows she doesn't discuss religion or politics with anyone (and has been known to call people out when they speak for the other side) to post multiple articles each day on Facebook, stating her political views? This person posts very little except about politics and social matters; there are very few people in our circle who agree with her. It appears that she is trying to convince us to convert to her political views.

FB Friend

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DEAR FB: I think your friend is using Facebook the way many people use the site -- as a bulletin board upon which she can pin her views.

Unless your friend is trashing other people or posting rude comments or content, she is not being rude: She is expressing her political point of view. Facebook is great in that way -- it's not just about what's going on in your personal life; the site allows people to virtually share just about anything. If you don't agree with her views, you can respectfully comment. If you don't want to see her posts, you can easily hide them on the site without her being aware of it.

DEAR AMY: The conversation in your column about the role of stepparents made me decide to write. My dad (legally, he was my stepfather) -- died last year. He had three stepchildren from his first marriage and six from his second. When he was dying, the nurse asked the three of us in the room how many children he had, and we explained that he had nine of us stepchildren. She asked if he had children of "his own," and we told her that it was not something that he was ever concerned about. We were all his kids, and he was our dad.

The nurse's question had a good result. It was while she was there and I was thinking how he selflessly loved us without reservation that he passed away. Perhaps he heard that conversation and knew it was OK to leave us.Phil

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