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Big numbers for 'Breaking Bad' finale

"Breaking Bad" scored an easy record last night - seen by 10.3 million viewers, which is about two million more than have caught up with the last two (or so) episodes. In fact, the second half of the fifth and final season has been a barn-burner, with a steady growth in viewership, social media hype and every other parameter that defines "hit." Millions of viewers have caught up via  Netflix with a series that back in the first season barely scratched out a million and a half viewers per episode. Had "Bad" scored the kind of numbers that have come in recent months, you may be reasonably certain that last night would not have marked the endpoint, and that a sixth season would have been in the cards. 

'Breaking Bad' finale was perfect

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) after he abducted his

(Credit: AP )

A TV classic has wrapped leaving nothing to doubt - no questions, no ambiguity, no fade to black. "Breaking Bad's" finale was all about closure - emphatic, operatic closure - for characters as well as fans, which was why this hugely dramatic and satisfying end was also just a touch melancholic too.

To recap, and spoilers be damned: Walter White (Bryan Cranston), one of TV's great...

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'Saturday Night Live' 39th season opener brings Tina Fey, Aaron Paul

Tina Fey, a former "Saturday Night Live" cast

(Credit: AP)

"Saturday Night Live" opened it's 39th season with the full realization that this won't be the 39th but in one obvious sense the first with a mostly new cast, new characters, new challenges.

 And it wasted absolutely no time in integrating the newcomers into the cold open, Tina Fey's monologue and most of the sketches. But the big moments, as expected, went to established stars,...

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'Breaking Bad' appreciation (in under 400 words)

"Breaking Bad," a true TV classic, ends tomorrow night, and now time for the appreciations. There are so many out there, but how many are under 400 words? That's the unique selling proposition - to paraphrase Ted Bates - of  my "Breaking Bad" send-off. It's short! You can read it all in under thirty seconds. (And anyone who's looking for a longer take, here's another appreciation...

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How will 'Breaking Bad' end? The evidence

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in the 5th season

(Credit: AMC)

How will "Breaking Bad" end?

You've seen the theories — and they are everywhere. You've heard the various scenarios — everywhere also. Clues have been strewn ("woodworking," "Felina") and their meanings have been parsed exhaustively.

But enough with theories. What about the evidence?

"Breaking Bad" has been remarkably generous with evidence...

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The Jimmy Kimmel skit that made Kanye West flip out

Kanye West at the Maison Martin Margiela with

(Credit: Getty Images)

We all love feuds between major stars, particularly if one of the stars is Kanye West. Although, really, Miley Cyrus, Alec Baldwin, Usher, Chris Brown, David Letterman, Sarah Palin will do just as well.

I speak today however of the Jimmy Kimmel/Kanye West dust-up. It began a couple of days ago when Kimmel spoofed West's unusual BBC1 radio interview and continued last night after Kimmel revealed a few tweets that Kanye sent to him in response.

By the way, Kimmel insists this isn't a prank, but given his recent propensity for pranks, that might be a stretch. Draw your own conclusions.

Take a look and as usual, Newsday app readers please go to for the clips.

Bill O'Reilly opens '60 Minutes' 46th season with 'Killing Jesus'

Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly appears on his

(Credit: AP)

Bill O'Reilly will open the 46th season of "60 Minutes" with a Norah O'Donnell interview about "Killing Jesus."

Check out the clip. (And Newsday app users, head on over to to see the full video.)

Meanwhile, this is also of interest: O'Donnell and the show visit Westbury's St. Brigid to talk to some former classmates of O;  they relay tales of a student who would not normally be described as "model," but then O'Reilly cops to that charge as well. Here's O'Donnell reading presumably from one of his books: 

O'Donnell: “Starting in grade school, I disobey the rules, mocked those in authority and brazenly challenged the accepted wisdom. My behavior back then was not much different from what it is today.”

BILL O’REILLY: (edit) And ain’t America great? I was a little thug. And now I’m getting’ paid millions of dollars for bein’ a big thug. (laugh)

Thursday Fall TV 2013 crush - 'The Michael J. Fox Show'

From left, Tracy Pollan, Michael J. Fox and

(Credit: AP)

TV Zone readers are getting a quick road map of some of Thursday night's major launches, and the biggest of them all — "The Michael J. Fox Show."  This two-parter (WNBC/4, 9) introduces Fox's character as a former New York TV anchorman, now a manny, who is lured back to work; second half-hour features his upstairs neighbor, who just happens to be his real-life spouse, Tracy Pollan.


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Thursday fall TV 2013 crush, 'Glee'

The "Glee" club performs in the "Goodbye" season

(Credit: Fox)

TV Zone readers are getting a quick road map of some of tonight's major launches, and as a very quick reminder here -- all you need is love.

"Glee" begins the season with a two-part tribute to the Beatles and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" which was released Tuesday.

(App readers go to for the clips.)


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Thursday fall TV 2013 crush - 'The Crazy Ones'

This publicity image released by CBS shows Robin

(Credit: AP / CBS / Richard Cartwright)

This morning, TV Zone readers are getting a quick roadmap of some of tonight's major launches, and what sort of roadmap would this be without prominent mention of Robin Williams' return to serial TV after a 30-plus year absence. "The Crazy Ones" (WCBS/2, 9) has a rough start, but it is Williams, and it is also Sarah Michelle Gellar, and - it is also David E. Kelley, who is showrunner....

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