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Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist.


Ask Amy 2/20/17 Atheist parents worry about daughter turning to God DEAR AMY: My husband and I raised two great kids. Our son is now 30
Ask Amy 2/20/17 Daughter wants to take a chance with toxic mom DEAR AMY: My mother and I have had a tumultuous and toxic relationship ever since
Ask Amy 2/20/17 Lawyer confronts relationship wage disparity DEAR AMY: I am a lawyer. I am financially secure, but I’m dating someone who
Ask Amy 2/20/17 Friend upset about vacation drug use DEAR AMY: This past summer, my best friend of more than 30 years, her 9-year-old
Ask Amy 2/17/17 Man doesn’t want to give up musician’s life DEAR AMY: I am a jazz musician. I’m married with a child. My wife has
Ask Amy 2/17/17 Woman wonders whether to tell beau about her past DEAR AMY: For the first time in many years, I have been thinking about an
Ask Amy 2/17/17 Mom does not approve of son’s sexuality DEAR AMY: I have not spoken to my mother in two weeks. She does not
Ask Amy 2/13/17 Atheist man wonders whether to accept godfather role DEAR AMY: I am a happily married man with two wonderful children (ages 6 and
Ask Amy 2/13/17 In-laws comment on people’s weight DEAR AMY: My in-laws always seem to feel the need to comment on people’s weight,
Ask Amy 2/13/17 Man, girlfriend don’t agree on cheating DEAR AMY: I am a mature 25-year-old college-educated man with a great career. I was