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Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist.


Ask Amy 8/28/15 Friend's birthday celebration excludes loved ones DEAR AMY: My best friend has a special birthday coming up. He has invited friends
Ask Amy 8/28/15 Parents disagree on tidiness of kids' rooms DEAR AMY: My husband and I disagree and I am hoping you can be the
Ask Amy 8/28/15 Future grandparents concerned about safety of family dog DEAR AMY: My wife and I will soon be first-time grandparents, because our son and
Ask Amy 8/28/15 Groom wonders if grandma's honeymoon package will arrive DEAR AMY: I'm getting married this winter, and two months ago my grandmother informed me
Ask Amy 8/25/15 Partners wonder about privacy DEAR AMY: My partner of eight years, "Joe," feels that partners should not have any
Ask Amy 8/25/15 Woman wants her beau to put a ring on it DEAR AMY: I am 30-year-old professional and I have been with my boyfriend for five
Ask Amy 8/25/15 Widow engages family in sales job DEAR AMY: My sister lost her wonderful husband two years ago in a tragic accident.
Ask Amy 8/25/15 Family worried about grandma's drinking DEAR AMY: I need your help with a very sensitive situation with my in-laws. My
Ask Amy 8/24/15 Man's best friend violates him, and their friendship DEAR AMY: I'm a 28-year-old straight male. My best friend from childhood and I rent
Ask Amy 8/24/15 Cancer diagnosis brings wrong kind of 'help' DEAR AMY: There is a strong likelihood that I am going to be diagnosed with