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Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist.


Ask Amy 12:01 AM Sibling wants to avoid family gatherings DEAR AMY: I am the youngest of a pretty big family. My siblings and I
Ask Amy 6/27/17 Friend worries about single mom’s aimless dating DEAR AMY: I am a male. My best female friend is a divorced mother of
Ask Amy 6/26/17 Daughter upset with Dad’s personal attacks DEAR AMY: I have not spoken to my father in months. This followed a phone
Ask Amy 6/25/17 Woman ponders how to end marriage DEAR AMY: I found out that my husband of more than 20 years has been
Ask Amy 6/24/17 Woman struggles to make new friends DEAR AMY: I am a 50-year-old self-employed professional, and I have no friends. I know
Ask Amy 6/23/17 Mom questions etiquette on dancing at concerts DEAR AMY: I have a question about dancing etiquette. I am a middle-aged woman. My
Ask Amy 6/22/17 Sibling wonders whether to share family secrets DEAR AMY: I have become the person in my family who holds family secrets. I
Ask Amy 6/21/17 Woman struggles to cope with husband’s cancer DEAR AMY: I love my husband and want to state at the outset that I
Ask Amy 6/20/17 Woman dating man who lies to her DEAR AMY: I dated a man two years ago who lied to me about who
Ask Amy 6/19/17 Disclosure leads to family misunderstanding DEAR AMY: Recently on Facebook, I shared my story from a former relationship, involving how

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