Newsday columnist Joye Brown

Joye Brown

Joye Brown has been a columnist for Newsday since 2006. She joined the newspaper in 1983 and has worked as a reporter, an editor, newsroom administrator and editorial writer.


Joye Brown 7/28/16 Brown How independent is Nassau’s chief prober? It’s been eight months since a panel brought on to scrutinize Nassau’s procurement system recommended
Joye Brown 7/25/16 Brown: Do ‘body bags’ comments go too far? Did Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and state Sen. Jack Martins go over the top
Joye Brown 7/20/16 Brown: Nassau contracts referendum deadline looms We should know by Friday whether Nassau Democrats’ attempted end-run — via public referendum —
Joye Brown 7/6/16 Brown: NIFA signals change in tactics The Nassau Interim Finance Authority last week gave the county 30 days to develop plans