David Laffer, charged with killing four people at Haven Drugs in Medford last month, notified a Suffolk official he could not attend jury duty scheduled to begin just days after his arrest.

"I have recently (as of 23 Jun) been arrested, and am currently detained at Riverhead Correctional Facility on some very serious felony charges," he said in a letter dated June 29 sent to Commissioner of Jurors Michael O'Donohoe. "I simply wished to relay this to you, so that I do not get into any further legal troubles."

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The letter, written in neat lettering, is signed simply, "Sincerely, David Laffer."

O'Donohoe received the letter Wednesday. O'Donohoe confirmed that Laffer had been called to serve on jury duty, beginning June 28. He said his office would honor his request.

Laffer, 33, who authorities said was a drug user, is accused of killing a pharmacist, a teenage pharmacy assistant and two customers of the storefront business June 19 before loading a backpack with painkillers and walking out. His wife, Melinda Brady, 29, who police said drove Laffer to the pharmacy, also has been charged in the case.

If Laffer were out on bail, he would be eligible to serve on a jury, O'Donohoe said. Anyone convicted of a felony is ineligible, and anyone who fails to show up for jury duty can be picked up by the county sheriff's office, he said.