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Cuomo's allies

Nearly $10 million.

That's how much the Committee to Save New York spent on its efforts to back Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's agenda for the 2011 legislative session.

The group, actually a coalition of well-heeled groups and individuals, just filed its lobbing statement for May and June with the state Commission on Public Integrity, showing it spent $2.3 million for the final two months of the session — more than 90 percent of it on TV and radio ads.

That brings its six-month total to $9.7 million.

Many observers and pollsters have said that the group's advertising campaigns offset attacks from unions and others and helped Cuomo get his fiscally conservative budget through. The Democrat's agenda included a property-tax cap and the expiration of a surcharge on high-earning New Yorkers.

Here's the link to the committee's most recent filing.

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