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Nassau legislator debates arena vote with union official

Robert Troiano, a Democratic candidate for the 2nd

Robert Troiano, a Democratic candidate for the 2nd Legislative District in Nassau County (August 2009)
Read more about Robert Troiano (Credit: John Dunn)

A one-on-one side debate over whether to place the Nassau Coliseum borrowing referendum on a ballot Aug. 1 -- a measure that carried 11-7 today and was promptly signed by County Executive Edward Mangano -- occurred between Legis. Robert Troiano (D-Westbury, in photo) and Pete Zarcone Jr., political director of the Long island-based General Building Laborers'  Local 66.

Part of the exchange consisted of what their earlier exchanges consisted of. Zarcone, who last week testified for the referendum, had Troiano address him in a post-vote hearing, saying: "You can't ask me to vote for something where I don't have all the information. You, today, don't have all the information that's necessary to support your position...."

"You don't know that," Zarcone responded.

Troiano, who voted "No," said: "Maybe you were provided information that I didn't since you have it all...

"I don't have it all, but I think I have more than you do," Zarcone said.

"I'm not surprised," Troiano said. "They probably shared more with you than they have with me. Can you tell me the language in the referendum?"

Zarcone said he hand't seen it -- at which point Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt (R-Massapequa) said the language would be written and submitted "and everyone will have it."



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